This page contains a list of most active and successful teachers who are part of the growing community of Wiztut effective online tutors. For each tutor we have included a quick summary of their strengths.

recent_actors Some of the online tutors

Mr Daniel Joneth link

I'll give you the knowledge and confidence you need to reach your full potential!
An experienced and highly qualified tutor in both Chemistry and Mathematics.
I make Chemistry and Maths very easy to understand and I can teach it at GCSE and A-Level including IB.
Exam techniques are introduced from the moment GO!

Joseph Hajsadr link

Hello, I am an experienced Mathematics and English tutor for all levels up to A-Level. I seek to not only teach to curriculum, but to enshrine values and techniques that are essential to success in all walks of life, because with knowledge comes confidence, and with confidence comes success.

Massoud Hajsadr link

I am an innovative, friendly, experienced and very successful Math teacher.
I have over 35 years of teaching experience and have taught students of all ages and levels form 9 years old to 47 years of age. The levels of my teaching spans from primary to university level. I will show you how easy and interesting Mathematics can be when it is taught the right way by adopting the teaching style that suits the learners' learning style. I will also teach you Exam Techniques and prepare you for the pressure of exams using NLP techniques. ...

Let's assess your learning requirements in a FREE Trial Lesson

Muhammad Chughtai link

Double PhD Doctor in Electronics and biomedical Engineering.
I teach Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE and A-Level. I cover most exam boards and also the international qualifications. I do also welcome tutees for Mathematics. Try one of my lessons to see how well I can resolve your issues.

Paul Bailey link

I have taught maths at every level, from young children struggling with counting, right up to some of the brightest young people in the country preparing for the most challenging university entrance exams. Everyone makes significant, rapid progress. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Dina Hamed link

Hello guys. I'm a professional teacher of Arabic for non-native speakers. I have six years experience in the teaching and I can help you improve your skills in Arabic language. I teach students around the world and you can learn Arabic easily with me from the very first lesson.
I will help you reach your goals.

Ebrahim Zare link

I am an experienced teacher with bags of patience and energy. I understand that learning can at times be a hard process, but there will be nothing that cannot be achieved with time, patience and the right amount of effort.
My first lesson is half price.

Christine Poote link

20 years of successful private tuition Each student has different ways of learning. My aim is to improve the confidence of the student and provide the skills necessary to achieve both in the classroom and in examinations. I work to form a rapport with my tutees which encourages them to feel able to ask questions and to have a positive input in the lesson.

Linzi Henry link

I am patient and very experienced in improving students' maths skills and building their self-confidence.

Ali Perez Cabeza link

A Teacher with over 17 years of experience I aim to provide various means to get my points across to the students, whether it is diagrams, exercises or past years exam questions to provide a wider scope of understanding for the student
Try one of my lessons for FREE

Cherry-Anne Osborne link

If you are interested in a tutor with over 20 years experience in teaching Science at GCSE, or Biology at A Level in schools, and over 12 years experience in one-to-one tutoring, I would be really pleased to hear from you. Let's make sure you reach your highest potential grade

Alireza Sedighi link

To reach the summit you need an experienced and professional expert. Based on my assessment during a FREE lesson, I would set the targets for your learning targets of the Farsi or Persian language. For those who want to learn colloquial Persian I use the story telling method where I give my students the opportunity to speak and converse from the first lesson. For those students who are preparing themselves for GCSE Farsi exam, I focus on the past papers and their exam board requirements.

John Corrigan link

I have over 30 years teaching/tutoring experience in Mathematics. My objective is to help students achieve their full potential. I provide flexible personalised tuition sessions tailored to the individual needs of the student. Tutoring sessions could consist of intensive lessons or work on past papers.
let's aim to get that top grade πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸŽ“

Steve Newcombe link

I have taught physics at both GCSE and A level for nearly twenty years and have consistently inspired and engaged students to gain impressive success and take physics on to higher levels - indeed I can count seven of my past students who are now physics teachers themselves! I’ve enjoyed the roles of Head of Physics, Head of Science as well as Assistant Principal, but I have now turned my attention to full-time online Physics tutoring. I really enjoy supporting tutees to achieve more than they thought possible and the feedback from my tutees has been very positive – it’s very satisfying to see young people build their dreams and secure the qualifications necessary to move forward. 

Kamran Rousta link

If you believe in yourself, you can do anything, even maths! Of course a skilled, energetic and enthusiastic tutor can be quite influential on building up your confidence level and on the effectiveness and depth of your learning. I am that tutor. 😊

zahra shabani nia link

I am the lead tutor from BarKhat tuition group

If you are looking for a tutor in Mathematics or any of the sciences and even languages, you drop me a message and I will make it my mission to find you your perfect tutor. 
The greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time when you fall ... And guess what?!?! This time you are not alone!!! Our team of very successful tutors will be right behind you and guiding you every step of the way

Gudrun Manz link

For several years I have been teaching German language. I help students with their homework, aspiring students to prepare for their study admission (TESTDAF and DSH exam) and to achieve their own goals. Furthermore, I can assist in filling in official or student documents and forms. I can adapt to the current needs of the students and design the lessons individually for them. Those who prefer to study in a group can take part in group lessons (A-, B- or C-level according to European reference framework).

Sara Cumming link

β€β€β€οΈŽβ€οΈŽ Hello and Welcome to My Page β€οΈŽβ€οΈŽβ€β€ 
I am a recruiting staff at Wiztut and I have a degree in Human Resource Management. I can assist students and clients find a tutor or an expert who best suits their requirements and budget. I can also assist Wiztut tutors and experts prepare their Wiztut Blog. I will make sure that the information included help our learners or clients make informed decision.