Dr Massoud Hajsadr

I am an innovative, friendly, experienced and very successful Maths teacher.
I have over 35 years of teaching experience and have taught students of all ages and levels form 9 years old to 47 years of age. Let me show you how easy and interesting Mathematics can be when it is taught the right way. We will also learn much about Exam Techniques and how to deal with the pressure of exams.

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About Me

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Overall I have more than 30 years teaching experience. I have spent about 10 years of my teaching time at university higher education sector. I have also taught as a college lecturer for 13 years teaching computer sciences and A-level Mathematics. I have over 20 years tutoring experience and specifically about 7 years online tutoring experience. 

As a tutor I have taught Mathematics to ages ranging from 9 years old all the way up to adult learners. My oldest student was a 38 year old student studying an engineering course at Manchester University.

Prior to teaching I have worked as a computer programmer and a control engineer. I have worked on many projects that have required both computer software and hardware expertise. My most recent project is an online classroom that allows me and many other tutors to teach their students via internet. This online classroom has the effectiveness of a face to face lesson while at the same time can have all the benefits and productivity effects that technology can add to teaching and learning. 

I won the best e-learning practitioner of the year award in 2006. I have published a number of papers about the utilisation of technology to enhance learning. I am also the designer of the Blended Animated Teaching pedagogy. My knowledge and hands on experience with learners with different learning needs and learning styles has enabled me to prepare optimised lessons with extremely high success rates.

I am a NLP practitioner and often use NLP to help my students to regain their confidence in their abilities and motivate them to work harder for greater achievements and enable them to manage their time and efforts effectively 

Teaching Approach

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Education Qualifications

PhD in Artificial Intelligence: (1988 to 1991)

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This PhD was the result of a joint research project by the University of Sunderland and a local manufacturer, Fasson Cramlington Ltd. The aim of this project was to create an Expert System from the knowledge of better operators to assist the less experienced operators in their daily problem solving tasks.

This was a combined course at the University of Sunderland including Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering and Control Engineering modules. The main modules of this course included, Mathematics, Electronics Circuit Design, Systems Modelling and Control, Computer Simulation of Systems and Power Engineering.

1st Class Honours BSc in Teaching (1979 to 1982)

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This degree contained many different modules including cognitive psychology and behavioural and class management and risk assessment. As part of this course I had 18 months teaching experience at secondary education level.
Work Experience

Educational Developer (November 2013 to Present)

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During this period I have been leading the operation of a number of projects which aimed to produce a web-based as well as Android and IOS-based applications for online teaching and learning and for online technical meetings via a whiteboard capable of sophisticated live technical communications between groups of experts or teachers and students. The product of this period has been in use by many online tutors and students. The most current project is entitle the Whiteboard Meeting Organiser (WMO) which due to be placed amongst users for beta testing.

During the above period I taught Mathematics and Further Mathematics to A-Level students at Sunderland College. However my main duties as a Teaching and Learning Coach was to spread the good teaching strategies, practices and pedagogies amongst the other lecturers. The teaching quality standards were improved via holding training sessions, workshops and class observations. My Blended Animated Teaching Pedagogy was also implemented if deemed appropriate.
During this period I taught on HND/HNC and Foundation Degree courses at Sunderland College. I was also responsible to provided examples of academic excellence amongst Higher Education team of lectures, ensure quality of curriculum delivery, review and revalidate courses, liaise with awarding bodies, prepare self-assessment reports and the resulting action plans and also to prepare the lecturers for any internal and external inspections.

Managing Director (August 1995 to September 2000)

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During this period I managed the operation of a medium size IT business, Sadrware Solutions Ltd. Here I directed a number of teams working on various software and hardware projects for small to medium size companies. Here I was responsible to choose the correct strategies and to manage projects in order to meet deadlines and contractual obligations, to resolve operational bottlenecks caused by staffing, resources and technical complexities. I was also responsible for directing the marketing operations and for the management of client relationship.
During this period I taught undergraduate students and supervised postgraduate students at the University of Modarres.  
During this period I managed the initial setting up of a newly established department at the University of Yazd. I managed the student recruitment process and also the process of recruiting the academic staff to deliver a number of undergraduate engineering courses. I also was responsible to establish university collaboration with the relevant local industries.
During this period I worked as a developer for Prism Technology on control projects which required mathematical modelling of hydraulic systems, portable and waste water networks and pumps. In the development of object oriented simulations variety of control systems and techniques were used including an adaptive system.

Research Associate (March 1991 to September 1992)

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During this period I conducted a research project for The University of Newcastle with NEI Parsons with two other PhD students and developed a computer aided control system for turbo-generators including heavy power generation issues such as altering demand and unbalance load. During this period I was also responsible to teach undergraduate students and hold tutorial sessions.

Research Assistant (July 1988 to March 1991)

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During this period I carried out a research study for the University of Sunderland with Fasson Cramlington Ltd about the application of Knowledge Based Systems in manufacturing. The result of this research work was an Expert System which helped Fasson's operators in their problem solving efforts while the more senior operators were absent. Another outcome of this research work was a thesis based on which I achieved my PhD.

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Thank you so much for tutoring me, you’ve been absolutely amazing. You’ve taught me so much more than I ever thought possible, you made me understand things where my teachers haven’t. You know how to speak to teenagers and you are very patient. You’ve given me a massive confidence boost and have allowed me to really believe in myself. You are the reason I am hoping to pursue maths at college. Thank you so much, I wish you all the best.

Massoud is an extremely knowledgeable and clearly a very experienced tutor. He is quite innovative in using the online teaching environment. Massoud had a clear view of how I could achieve an A* from our first lesson and he planned the appropriate study strategies for me to achieve it. His lessons are quite engaging and productive and since the progress we make is so visible, his lessons are positively motivating. 
Dr Massoud Hajsadr is truly committed to getting the best out of his students. On the last year of her GCSE we were informed that Gemma had been predicted a C grade and that realistically she only stood the chance of getting a D. With Massoud's help Gemma got an A* in GCSE and then went on to complete her A-level Math with an A. Massoud is extremely knowledgable and he is also a motivator. 
I want to thank you for your exceptional level of professionalism, knowledge, expertise and endless caring attitude. Faye was visibly happier in herself after every lesson with you. We were told by her school that Faye has a condition called Dyscalculia. You did not believe in any disabilities and with your persistence Faye got a B in her GCSE Math. Disabilities may be true, but I no longer believe them either since it is that belief which is disabling. 
Thanks to his patience, encouragement and planning I got my A in GCSE math. His energising chats really helped me pull through. Massoud helped me realise that achieving an A was possible for me. I admire his patience without which I would have never found my true potentials. I also admire his knowledge and his clever ways of explaining things. Also thanks for helping me plan my studies and measuring my efforts. School had predicted a C for me. 

A very Adaptive Tutor (Ryan Enguita)

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As an A-level student of Massoud’s the main contributing factors to my success was his adaptive and adoptable teaching styles along with his undeniable ability to motivate. He knows the course in great depth. Massoud genuinely cares for his student’s success and this is perhaps why I became confident of my end success very early on. I owe my A in A-Level Math to Massoud's support. 

Alex my son always lacked confidence. (John Elliott)

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Now that with your help he has achieved an A in his GCSE and an A in his A-Level, he is quite confident about his Maths. Alex is doing a degree in mechanical engineering at Manchester University and he has remained quite confident so far. Thanks to your teaching style and your ability to motivate today we have a confident and going places son. Thank you very much. 

Easy to Understand and an Absolute Pleasure (Ian Dunn)

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Receiving mathematics lessons from Massoud has been a pleasure, the calm, effective and creative methods he used to bring each subject together, have been extremely beneficial to myself. Massoud created a tailor made journey from GCSE to Bachelor Degree level Engineering Mathematics in only three months. I feel this is not only a personal achievement, but one which is fully accredited to Massoud's ability to teach. He is also a number one motivator. 

E to A (Martin Battey)

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My college predicted me a grade E, but with Massoud I soon believed that I could achieve an A. He had a very systematic approach, covering every topic in sufficient detail and leaving no stone unturned. He kept lessons very interesting. Massoud explains things in a simple, yet non-patronising way and has helped me quickly understand concepts that baffled me in class. I looked forward to each lesson. 

I am an Adult Learner (David Spragon)

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I work as an instructor in the field of IT, teaching CompTIA A+ certificate to a wide range of student ability. I have used some of Massoud's teaching brilliance and also some of his HNC teaching material for my course. His lessons are constructed so that the main points are never missed out. I have learnt how to be a better instructor. His motto that academic achievement is addictive is true. 
I found that Massoud takes the time to explain things in an easy to understand way. His down-to-earth explanations make it easy to remember too. Everyone of his lessons are enjoyable because progress is obvious. He is a very dedicated teacher. His energy is endless which I found motivated me to do more. 
Samples of Online Teaching

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Video 3 : My Online Teaching

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Video 4 : My Online Teaching

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