Linzi Henry | Online Maths Tutor

I am patient and very experienced in improving students' maths skills and building their self-confidence.

  • Location : United Kingdom 🇬🇧
  • Language : English
  • Available on Most Days
  •    mathematics    gcse math    alevel math    further math    13+ entry exam   
  • Cost: £30 per hour
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Tutoring Approach

My Teaching Method

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When teaching I find out what students' weaknesses are and start to fill in gaps in their knowledge by breaking topics down into small understandable steps. This can take a few lessons to start producing improved results but once their confidence with maths begins to grow they get more from their school lessons. I have a huge set of resources to make lessons interesting and for students to work on in their own time. I am very patient and persistent when explaining topics, it matters to me that students understand and enjoy maths. 

Professional Experience

Tutoring experience of over 27 years

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I have enjoyed working as a private tutor for many years and have found online tutoring a new and exciting way to work. My many students have successfully passed their GCSE, A-level and QTS exams. When not tutoring I publish resources for numeracy tuition that are used in colleges and schools. I also have experience of iGCSE and American SAT exams. 

EXAM REVISION - I have a lot of experience of working through past exam papers at GCSE and A-level.


Academic Qualifications

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Mathematics degree Cambridge University MA 

A levels in Pure Maths, Maths with Mechanics, Further Maths with Mechanics, Physics and Art