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Biology teachers in Wiztut website

The photos below show some of the best Iranian online biology teachers from the Wiztut website. They are renowned to be the best biology teachers for our Farsi speaking tutees because of their outstanding educational background and their simple online teaching methods. These tutors have their own unique methods for teaching biology online. They are very skilled in using the Wiztut interactive whiteboard which is recognised to be one of the most advanced whiteboards in the market. The Wiztut whiteboard, apart from many advanced tools also allows live visual and audio communication between the tutors and their students.

Expert Biology tutors from Iran
Expert Iranian Biology tutors from Wiztut

Online teaching and its required skills is a modern teaching method which requires its own pedagogies. This modern teaching method is very practical for tutoring biology and other subjects to online students. Based on this method, the students reach a deeper understanding of conceptual subjects such as biology very efficiently.

According to educational and news resources, biology is in a high demand of online tutoring at the international level.

Modern online tutoring skills

The online biology teachers who tutor in the Wiztut website, gain certain skills and opportunities compared with their counterparts. The skills and opportunities include but are not limited to the following: experiencing interactive and online teaching using the line by line content analysis of textbooks using the specialised whiteboard, online teaching of lab and theory discussions of biology to the students, the possibility of stepping into the international market, no more need for intercity travelling which saves time and effort, autonomous working hours and benefitting from the periodic free advertising carried out by Wiztut.

Online teaching of Biology
Wiztut whiteboard in online teaching of Biology

Entrepreneurship; the main objective of Wiztut

The Wiztut management aims at the greater goal of entrepreneurship for Wiztut teachers. Wiztut strives to elevate the earning levels of each of her tutors by many folds. We aim to achieve this by introducing and promoting the unique skills of our tutors to the global market. We believe that the owners of knowledge with great teaching skills should be able to offer their unique ability to the world while earning from it.

Creator of Wiztut
Dr Hajsadr: The creator of Wiztut

Several examples of Wiztut job creating initiatives are listed below:

First: Wiztut has managed the signing of online contracts for many teachers and also computer programmers from variety of backgrounds and nationalities with employers from the global markets.

Second: Wiztut also has introduced its online teachers to prominent universities in France, China, England and other countries, and encouraged them to sign educational contracts for online education.

Third: The online biology consultants have established links with institutes and offices around the world to sign long-term contracts and offer their sound consultation services.

Fourth: Wiztut has connected the online biology consultants with European colleges to sign agreements to teach biology to their lecturers.

Of course, these are several examples of the many business plans that Wiztut management have for job creation for their online teachers and experts. In the future, the Wiztut team will take further actions toward the employment of her teachers and experts in the international market.

Frequently asked questions by Wiztut biology teachers

Some of the most commonly asked questions of new biology teachers are listed below:

Can I tutor several biology students simultaneously?

What is the minimum required internet speed and bandwidth for a smooth online tutoring session using Wiztut Whiteboard?

How do I get paid from the students?

How do I purchase more Whiteboard sessions?

How may I send marketing emails to my students?

How much does it cost an online tutor to buy one whiteboard session?

How long a lesson can I do in one whiteboard session?

How do I pass on the whiteboard link to my students?

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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