The advantages of online tutoring on Wiztut

What is online teaching?

Today many teachers hold their lessons with their students via internet. This method of teaching or tutoring is referred to as online teaching or online tutoring. In order to hold an online teaching session, you require internet, a computer or a tablet with audio and video facility and a software that provides the appropriate teaching and learning environment to work in. The most appropriate environment is an online whiteboard that allows the tutor to have audio and video communication with the students as well as a shared whiteboard on which the tutor and his/her can exchange ideas in an efficient way. Wiztut whiteboard is an advanced teaching and tutoring software that has been designed by teachers and tutors for teachers. The tools available on the Wiztut online whiteboard makes it the most unique software that has proven to make online tuition by far a more efficient and productive teaching environment than the tradition face to face tutoring.

An online tutoring session
Online tutoring using Wiztut whiteboard

The advantages of tutoring on Wiztut online whiteboard

Using the Wiztut online whiteboard tutors can plan their lessons in advance and maintain their plan an resources online for future lessons. Tutors can pre-upload and maintain their required images and documents on Wiztut which makes holding lessons very time efficient since the lesson time will not be used to upload information onto the whiteboard.

Wiztut whiteboard has had zero downtime in the past two years. This means that tutors using the Wiztut online whiteboard can hold lessons at any time of day and night around the world. Many of teachers and tutors using the Wiztut online whiteboard are internationally located and the self adjusted whiteboard clock can make sure that tutors and their students will know the lesson time in their local time wherever they are in the world.

Tutors using the Wiztut online whiteboard do not pay a percentage of their earning to Wiztut. They do not pay any charges to Wiztut for holding and advertising their account on Wiztut. The only cost that Wiztut tutors pay is the cost of holding their lessons using the Wiztut online whiteboard. The cost of using Wiztut whiteboard is usually less than 2% of the tutors' fees. Wiztut tutors normally purchase a few sessions in advance and use them before purchasing more sessions.

Online tuition is a fantastic earning opportunity for teachers who can only work part time and do not wish to spend their free time in travelling to their tutees. Most online tutors are very experienced retired teachers who would like to earn while travelling and spending their retirement days abroad.

Online tutees can try an online tutor and if not totally satisfied with his/her teaching style, can try a different person without any obligation. Tutees seem to feel greater level of obligation to continue their lessons with face to face tutors more than online tutors even if they are not totally satisfied with their progress.

Tutees can save all or part of their lessons as an images or pdf files for future reference and revision. This will reduce the time they need to take handwritten notes and perhaps change them to digital formats for easier storage and accessibility.

Disadvantages of online tuition

To hold a satisfactory online lesson, the internet bandwidth and connection strength has to be at least moderate. A computer or a tablet with audio and video is also required. Hence if the internet strength drops off or disrupted, online lessons will have to be abandoned. If there is an issue with either the tutees's or tutors's hardware, the lessons will be disrupted.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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