The advantages of being an online tutor

Who are private online tutors?

Among seekers of knowledge, there are students and applicants for learning various subjects in who prefer to be taught in private sessions. Meanwhile, the teachers who spend their free time to teach students and assist them with their studies are called private tutors. Of course, private tutors can teach their students via websites, in which case they are called private online tutors. The advantages of being a private online tutor include: autonomy in planning and not being subject to an organisational chart and their enforced teaching pedagogy and also the freedom and flexibility in choosing the time of lessons.

Online Tutoring
An Online Tutor in Action

An online private tutor has other advantages such as:

A. Needless of short and long-distance travels for tutoring
B. Having an online class from one's personal location
C. The possibility of tutoring more than one student simultaneously
D. Increased earnings due to free advertising tools
E. Reducing the cost of education to attract more applicants
F. The possibility of entering the international market and much more.

Therefore, private online tutors must tutor their applicants via websites. One such website that provides the greatest facilities and benefits for online tutors and their applicants, is the Wiztut Online Tutoring Website.

The Wiztut Online Tutoring Website; A great place for online tutors and applicants 

The Wiztut Website offers better tutoring services, compared with other websites. That is because it has online tutors' weblog, free advertising SMS, online class management tools, Whiteboard Software, online multimedia and other software facilities for online tutors and their applicants.

Wiztut does not charge a fee for introducing students nor a percentage for class administration. The Wiztut online tutors just pay a fix amount to use the Wiztut online class, namely the Wiztut Online Whiteboard. To run a class, the tutors use their sessions credits to create an online class link. Each link is valid for two hours. The tutors can refer to Wiztut sales plans to buy more class links.

Upon registration, each tutor receives three free class sessions. Additionally, each tutor receives a page to create one's personal weblog, through which the applicants get in touch with online tutors. Wiztut is also active in UK and those tutors who have registered in the Wiztut Farsi Website may also tutor internationally. This becomes possible via the Wiztut English Website.

How to contact the online tutors?

The applicants may reach the online tutors by various means. However, all applicants must finally refer to online tutors' weblogs to review their information and send a request message for class. The online tutor weblogs must be standard to attract students. Some of the characteristics of a standard online weblog include:

A. A high-quality and formal image of the online tutor
B. A brief and clear introduction of the online tutor
C. Tutor’s spoken languages and location
D. Reasonable online tutoring fee per hour
E. Appropriate tags indicating the tutoring teaching subjects and expertise
F. Education, teaching experience, teaching method, interests, and other important tutor information

Thus, the more complete the weblog of the tutor with respect to the mentioned items, the more effective it is in attracting applicants. A standard weblog includes a minimum of 500 words, since it helps the page show up higher in search engine results and appear more valuable to the applicants. After receiving the class request, the tutor invites his/her applicants to Wiztut live Whiteboard which allows both audio and video communication. The facilities and benefits of the online Whiteboard ensure tutors and students a smooth educational experience.

The advantages of tutoring by Wiztut Whiteboard

The online tutors who tutor via Wiztut Whiteboard experience the following advantages:

A. The possibility of saving and future retrieval of the taught online sessions
B. All the taught pages can be stored in a pdf file. Other pdf files can also be retrieved and open in Whiteboard.
C. A stable connection during online tutoring sessions
D. Various tools and features for drawing shapes and overall online class management
E. Less data traffic compared with other online whiteboards or similar software

Overseas job market is another advantage for Wiztut private online tutors

If Wiztut online tutors obtain sufficient expertise and interest in online tutoring, they can join the Wiztut international tutoring job market. All in all, the Wiztut online tutors can unlock their untapped potentials and exploit their numerous opportunities to advance their teaching positions to the highest level of tutoring career and income.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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