Is online tutoring a new thing

Online tutoring versus virtual learning

Online teaching and learning is primarily carried out via the internet. Online teaching is sometimes mistaken for the older terminology of virtual teaching and learning. Virtual teaching takes place without the presence of a teacher or a tutor. In virtual learning, there is no live interaction between learners and their tutors.

Virtual teaching and learning can be delivered through TV programs , videos and CD or even through the internet. However online teaching can only efficiently delivered via the internet. The internet based teachings are of various types and modes. For example one kind may be watching videos through a provider like YouTube. This kind will still be referred to as virtual teaching because tutors or teachers are not present to interact with.

There are other examples of internet based methods in which tutors use communication channels like Telegram, WhatsApp, etc. In this method tutors communicate with their students to answer their queries through sending messages via these social medium. However the communication in this way is asynchronous and only one way at any given time. The ultimate teaching communication for online teaching and learning is synchronous and two way for full simultaneous interaction.

Online tutoring without an online whiteboard

In order to achieve a simultaneous two way communications, many online tutors use media such as Skype, imo, etc. These apps provide their users with live video and audio communication and is very useful for teaching conversation skills for languages. However for more technical topics especially for academic subjects tutors will require more than just video and audio communication. For tutoring academic subjects, a synchronous and simultaneously two way online whiteboards will be needed.

Tutoring with an online whiteboard
Tutoring with an online whiteboard

Online tutoring with an online whiteboard

An online whiteboard is an online media which allows tutors and their students to share ideas and answer questions by communicating in the way they are accustomed to if their lessons were face to face. The most immediate online tool required will be a pen and paper effect. The online whiteboards act as online sheets of paper on which tutors and their students can hand write their ideas and answers simultaneously. Wiztut online whiteboard is an advanced whiteboard with many useful tools and graphic images that suits a wide teaching and learning strategies.

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