Private tuition is a high earning occupation

The expanding and high-paying market of online tutoring

Private tutoring is a growing market. Private tutors are teachers that teach the students at home. Tutoring sessions often take place with a few students. Most private tutoring sessions are attended by only one student. This high-paying career has been expanding as a profitable part-time job in recent years. In the last decade, the earning of this market has been multiplied almost 700 times! Even though the true value cannot be exactly determined, economical research centers in England estimate the value of this market as about 2 to 3 billion pounds.

Since many tutors only work part-time, there is no exact information about such earnings. An estimate of the tutoring market in Britain shows that more than 25% of the British students are tutored between 1 to 3 hours per week. There are 8.7 million students in England and any student receiving private tutoring, spends around 2000 to 2800 pounds annually on private tutoring. Therefore, a simple calculation reveals that tutoring has a high-paying market.

According to our calculations, the value of private tutoring exceeds 44 billion pounds. The research by the Global Industry Analyst demonstrates that the global value of private tutoring is almost 150 billion dollars. The population of Great Britain is 1% of the world population. Thus, a comparison with our former calculation yields that the estimation of 150 billion dollars is actually the least expectancy.

The earning of online private tutors varies

The income of private tutors in various countries is not the same. For instance, a British private tutor charges almost 10 times an Iranian private tutor. Since the share of private tutors from the total income of Education industry is relatively high, many choose private tutoring as their main job.

Well-known teachers teach full-time online

The daily expansion of this market has caused the entrance of amateurs which positively impacts the qualitative standards of this industry. In this way, the experienced private tutors are in high demand, and have recently concluded that it is best to invest their working hours in teaching and avoid the waste of time and energy in transportation.

As a result, private tutors are attracted toward the tools of online tutoring. Today, private tutoring is an accepted job in England. Some well-known British teachers use the advanced technologies of their classrooms to globalise their online classes and enjoy a global market.

Today, online tutoring is known as a job. Wiztut has designed and produced one of the most advanced international live classroom administration technologies and provides online tutors with the necessary tools for administering live sessions.

Private tutoring has become more common

About a decade ago, online classes were not much accepted based on former experience of students with on-site classes. But today, thanks to technology advancement and relative software development, such classes are in increasing demand. Additionally, the successful teachers begin online tutoring because of great demand and to save time and energy. Using Wiztut Online Whiteboard, online tutors can offer their knowledge and expertise to the world with no limitations.

The experience of Wiztut experts and users with online tutoring

Wiztut private online teachers and users acknowledge that Wiztut Whiteboard is sufficient for implementing all their teaching strategies to improve their productivity and success. In addition to saving time and effort, using the multi-media Whiteboard for running online sessions, the tutors benefit its social value. Many online private tutors are proud to teach only online and enjoy such competitive advantage.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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