Last minute exam preparation with online private tutors

Urgent exam night help from a private tutor

I was rescued by an online Wiztut tutor the night before my exam. This year I really tried to study and revise my lessons well before the exams. I didn't want to repeat the last years' mistake and avoid making a nightmare of the night before the exams. Typically, exam time is a hectic and stressful time for me and my fellow classmates. My problem was that I would leave the revision for the few weeks prior to exams. So, when I started reviewing my notes, I would find out they were incomplete or unclear or even incorrect! So, I would disappointedly lose faith in them.

This year, I sought help from several private tutors to make sure I got the concepts and check my notes. I had been used to go to my tutors' houses which was a time consuming task. It was especially tiring in times of heavy traffic or bad weather and I sometimes even became sick. I was introduced to Wiztut website several months ago and created a teacher account.

Then, I asked my private tutors to tutor me via Wiztut by online Whiteboard. At the beginning, it was hard for them to change their tutoring method. But, luckily they accepted to teach me online, using Wiztut online classes. The first class with one of the tutors was a little problematic since he hadn't given audio and video permission to Wiztut. So we couldn't establish a multimedia connection.

I'm happy to say that Wiztut admins have thought about everything beforehand. At the bottom of the main page, there's a great video that clearly and simply explains how to solve the audio/video problem. There was an audio/video test page that walked us through setting up audio/video for our computers and tablets. Wiztut had made it all so simple.

To become familiar with Wiztut environment and online Whiteboard tools, Wiztut has many YouTube training videos that I suggest all new users to watch at least some of them. The videos that I have watched were how to quickly create an 'On The Go' class and how to plan classes in advance on the calendar. I also watched how to use Whiteboard.

The majority of YouTube videos were showing the actual online classes on the online Wiztut whiteboard by some tutors who were teaching one or more students. I suggest you spend at least an hour to watch these videos to get a feel for online tutoring.

My private tutor became an online tutor

After several weeks of my introduction to Wiztut, while my private tutors were using my online classes, I became aware that my Physics teacher had registered in the Wiztut website and was using his personal online class to tutor his students. Wiztut online class had eliminated the need for the students to be physically present at the tutor's house and the tutor didn't need to bother to travel either.

I was happy to have caused this change of heart for my Physics tutor. I looked at this change as a technological advancement but when I asked the Physics tutor his reason for online tutoring, he had a better reason. His reason for choosing online tutoring was reducing the pollution in our city. Of course, it is a cost-saving method too. The cost of an online class was actually 80 percent less than what I used to spend on traveling to my tutors' houses.

My Physics private tutor who became an online physics teacher after being introduced to Wiztut, has a personal webpage in Wiztut containing his education and teaching experience. This page that he calls it his weblog, is just like an online curriculum vitae that the Wiztut team has created for him.

My online Physics tutor has found new students and currently he only tutors online. During the new year holidays, when my family decided to travel, we continued our online tutoring sessions. Private online tutoring and online education has the advantage of not being limited to a specific physical location and both the tutor and the student can freely go to vacation and yet meet in their private classes.

Solving the problem of exam preparation with online tutors

As I explained earlier, this year I was way more prepared than the previous years. I had reviewed my notes several times and had them neatly organised. I was following my plans for exam preparation. Everything went well till one of my friends sent me a Physics problem and asked for my help at 7 p.m. the night before my Physics exam. I used to study with a bunch of my friends in an online class. It was a complicated problem so I quickly created an online class and discussed the problem through a live multimedia session. We soon concluded that the problem was too hard for us and felt an urgent need for a tutor!

I hopelessly sent my Physics tutor a message seeking his help. To my surprise, I immediately received his response. "You come to my place or I come to yours?" He joked. I thanked him for his kind response, then joked back, "If it's no bother, please you come over to my place. We are several students." Up to that point, another three friends of mine had joined my online class, none of whom knew how to solve the problem!

Online Physics tuition
Online Physics tuition

I immediately sent the class link and password to my tutor and he entered the online class with his tablet. It wasn't an easy problem but the Physics teacher solved it in no time. It was only then that we realised it wasn't that complicated and we should have been able to solve it. Had we not found the solution, I would have seriously lost my confidence. The tutor advised us to not seek any more new problems the night before exams, be more confident in ourselves and trust our knowledge as the last-minute doubt and anxiety are useless if not destructive.

We all admitted that without the facility of online class, a quick live tutoring session would have been impossible. This online class was so much like a real class except that no one had to travel and we actually met at the speed of light! The Physics tutor clearly explained the solution on the Wiztut online Whiteboard. If Wiztut permitted, I would have introduced my Physics tutor here. However, since the tutor's permission must be obtained first, I will leave this last sentence to Wiztut administrators. Please, introduce the tutor's webpage here.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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