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What is the online education?

Today, students can study online using computers, tablets, laptops or mobile phones using an online whiteboard. The Wiztut Website has been specifically designed and developed for providing online education in one to one, one to many and even many to many online sessions. This advanced platform is perfect for teaching and learning languages since international tutors can be helping students learn languages wherever they are.

Students learning Russian from a tutor who lives in Belarus

There are a large number of language tutors on Wiztut website. These tutors work completely independent of Wiztut and promote themselves on Wiztut. All we expect from our tutors and students is to use Wiztut online whiteboard for their tuition sessions. One of these top tutors who is originally an Iranian lives in Belarus and formally teaches Russian language to students from around the globe.

Online language tutors
Online language tutors from around the world

The presence of this tutor on Wiztut has enabled him to find students from a wider geographical area. Wiztut tutors have their teaching experience, their qualifications and their method of teaching explained on their weblog on Wiztut. This weblog is a place where the students can choose their tutors and cntact them to organise a lesson. Wiztut does not charge the students for a number of tutors contact information. Students satisfaction from using Wiztut whiteboard is our main objective.

Online language tutor for students imigrating to Australia

A number of educational institutions have also registered with Wiztut whose business is to prepare their applicant who aim to migrate to Australia. The Australian job market has been absorbing manpower from the world for many years. This has encouraged many institutions to make it their business to prepare applicants in learning English language and the working culture of Australia including immigration issues.

These institutions teach English online before the applicant travel to Australia. Even after completion of their courses, if applicant need, there are consultants advising them with all of their immigration issues and application. These institutions help their clients with filling relevant forms, writing their CV and many other requirements completely via online meetings on Wiztut whiteboard.

Online language education for a student who was going to learn IELTS

One day, the web site manager at Wiztut online tutor received a message through Wiztut Instagram page where Wiztut places many of its promotional posts. He was quickly directed to our website where the student can search for tutors and select one or two of tutors by studying their blog. The students can directly contact the tutors without any restriction and gain the tutors' contact information. On Wiztut you can find IELTS tutors from different countries including England. Christine is an English tutor from the United Kingdom who teaches IELTS and had much success in getting her students through the IELTS exams.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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