Online homeschooling due to problems at school

Wiztut : An ideal platform for online homeschooling

Some students may be absent from school in cases where they have been continuously bullied and others may be expelled from school because of bullying or due to their anti social behaviours. In such cases, where the education system does not have the means to help them, home education is accepted as a reasonable alternative. Home education or homeschooling via an online provision is another alternative which has become more popular in the recent times.

Wiztut provides an online tuition service for students who have opted for homeschooling. On our website, the students can search and view the the curriculum vitae of all homeschooling tutors and read reviews about them and get to know them better via their weblogs. Then the students can send messages to the tutors and finally get to choose and start learning from them in no time.

Wiztut home page in other languages
Wiztut home page in other languages

Wiztut does not charge the students for the contact details of our tutors, but if any students requests too many contact details, then there will be a small charge. Once a student chooses a tutor, then he/she will make direct payments to that tutor and the online classes can begin. To ensure the quality of teaching and learning, Wiztut aims to collect feedback and reviews from all of our students and then through a scoring system promote or demote the position of our tutors in our website.

Interestingly homeschooling has become very popular among the parents for various reasons. Hence applications such as Wiztut online whiteboard have become the main platform for online teaching for online tutors.

Problems with education in some schools

The education system of all schools around the world includes some students and teachers. So there is always the possibility of some students arguing over various issues while at school. Those students who are physically stronger or are more popular among their peers may be tempted to bother or hurt the weaker students. This aggressive behaviour is called bullying. This behaviour is not tolerated by any schools in the UK, but it does happen and generally the victim is exempted from school until the situation can be safely contained or resolved.

Bullying is not tolerated at school
Picture of bullying at school

Sometimes the victims of bullying at schools end up dropping out of schools and opt for homeschooling. For those students who often are happier that no one in person attends their home to teach them, online homeschooling may be a more preferred method of teaching and learning.

Wiztut online education is just the right education for some students

The students who are deprived of school for whatever reason, can seek online education and benefit from expert tutors. Starting an online education requires opening the Google search page and typing "wiztut online education" in the search box. A list of websites offering online education will come up, but we recommend you to give us a try. At Wiztut the quality of teaching and learning and our students' success and satisfaction is what defines our purpose. With Wiztut you will experience the care you will expect from a highly professional organisation. At Wiztut, the students have the advantage of being taught by very experienced teachers at a lower cost.

Online education using Wiztut whiteboard

The students who have selected their online teachers from us can begin work very quickly. The tutors at Wiztut are independent and very experienced. You pay your tuition fees directly to our tutors. We do not deduct any commission from the payments you make to the tutors. The online teaching takes place on a super advanced whiteboard with online live video and audio communication. The whiteboard teaching environment feels just like a face to face class with the advantage that you and your tutor can use the whiteboard to simultaneously interact to solve problems, exchange ideas and information and to learn.

Wiztut advanced whiteboard
Picture of Wiztut whiteboard used internationally

Notably, some of the Wiztut online teachers offer their first session half price or even free of charge. The online tutors organise their teaching based on a expertly designed scheme of work and lesson plans using interactive methods. The tutors also employ the whiteboard tools such as laser point, highlighter, emojis, drawing shapes, writing text messages, uploading pdf files and images directly on to the whiteboard and much more in order to convey the concepts in the best way possible.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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