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Who is a consultant?

People are in need of expert advice in various fields on a daily basis. For example, one may seek the answer to a religious question, a student seeks help with a standardised exam, a business person seeks professional strategies for business success or an ill person requires specialised information about his treatment. So every member of a society may once in a while need answers to some expert questions and concerns. Those who guide others in finding the answers to their questions are called consultants. Of course, there are consultants in many fields such as medical consultants, building and property consultants, fashion and clothing consultants, academic consultants, etc. The following describes how to seek the guidance of experts on the Internet, known as online consultants.

Online medical consultation
Online medical consultation

Who are online consultants?

Experts who guide and advise others in the cyberspace are called online consultants. Based on their field of activity and expertise, online consultants employ various methods to guide the applicants. Online consultants use traditional or on-site meetings, telephone, or social networks such as imo, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, or other means of meeting. Beside the necessary expertise and a practical method, every consultant needs a suitable space for premium online consultation. The following discusses the space or environment that every consultant will definitely need to provide a useful consultation.

The attributes of a sound environment for fast and complete consultation

Some of the attributes for a sound environment to deliver fast and efficient consultation and create an online presence are described below:

  • An environment that contains the means of free advertisement for online consultants.
  • An economic and user-friendly online application
  • A space that offers a stable and high quality audio and video two way connection.
  • A space containing all of the essential tools for providing a fast and robust online consultation in various fields.
  • A space that supports consultation of several participants simultaneously
  • A space in which marketing emails can be sent to several audiences simultaneously.

An online tutor truly needs all of the above facilities to provide a sound consultation. Our suggestion to you is Wiztut website, since it has a great environment which provides all the above mentioned facilities and more. In this website, many experts, teachers and consultants are busy tutoring online in various fields. Meanwhile, new tutors and consultants are joining us. You may also join us through Wiztut website and begin to consult or tutor online. The following describes how to provide online consultation and efficiently answer questions online via the Wiztut website.

Online consultation and quick responses to questions in Wiztut website

Online consultants should first register in Wiztut website, for free, in order to provide online consultation. Next, they pass a short course in online tutoring in this website to get familiar with the environment. Thus, after registration, the consultants can enter their personal control panels in the website by entering their username and passwords that they receive via email upon registrations. The control panel has many facilities including sending free marketing emails for digital marketing, a session planning calendar, editing tutor and consultant weblogs and an interactive whiteboard for online tutoring.

Wiztut online whiteboard is a web based program which has been designed for administering the online tutoring sessions for interaction of expertise. Of course, the link of the online sessions must be purchased beforehand to enter the class session and offer online tutoring to the applicants. Notably, the first three sessions of using Wiztut whiteboard is free and then the link of the sessions can be bought at very low prices. The consultants and clients can meet online in this environment and enjoy a live audio/video communication. In addition, this program includes special graphic features for drawing lines and shapes, object manipulation features and the possibility of saving the sessions and many other useful features that consultants may use while tutoring, training or exchanging expertise.

The following video is an online consulting session between an educational consultant and a student.

You can find online tutors to suit your budget with Wiztut. You can view samples of online tuition using Wiztut whiteboard on Wiztut YouTube channel.

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