When do I pay for my lessons

Your payment agreement is between you and your tutor

The matter of your payments to your tutors is something you have to agree with your tutors yourselves. Wiztut does not interfere in your agreements and does not benefit from your payments to your tutors. Wiztut does not deduct any commission from your payments to your tutors. Your payments will be paid directly to your tutors.

We suggest that when you start taking lessons from a tutor, you should only make payments for one lessons at a time. Once you are confident about your your new tutor and about your progress, then you may decide to come to a different agreement with your tutor. If you find yourself in a dispute with a tutor, though we will not accept any responsibility to resolve the issue, however do please let us know since perhaps a note from us may help resolve the matter sooner. Beside if a tutor is found to have regular issues with his/her students, we will omit their accounts from Wiztut.