About Wiztut Online Tuition Services

Wiztut tuition services have the main objective of delivering quality online lessons to our students. This objective has two parts. One is recruiting enthusiastic and successful expert teachers who not only can teach their subjects well, but also can teach them well online. The second part of our service is to provide our teachers with a reliable and purposefully designed online platform by which they can execute all of their online teaching techniques.

To recruit the best teachers, we have an ongoing process where our current community of active teachers assist each other and the newly joining teachers to raise their awareness of online teaching techniques and guide them so that they can implement the techniques in their teaching. This process is continuously being improved by the community of our tutors via shared practices.

To provide a suitable online platform for delivering quality lessons, at Wiztut we have always encouraged the involvement of our tutors in the development of our most advanced online whiteboard on which very interactive one to one or group lesson can be delivered. The Wiztut video and audio communication facility is quite intelligent and aims to establish the most stable audio and video communication even in the worst network conditions. On the Wiztut whiteboard teachers and students are given various tools which enables their full proactive and interactive participation in our online classes and lessons.

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