What if I have connection issues or miss my lesson

If you can, Inform your students with other possible means

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have planned for your online lesson and that you have good internet connection for your lesson. It is also your responsibility that you plan your time well so that you attend your online lesson on time. If you are aware of any connection issues or if you anticipate that you may be late for your lesson or even miss your lesson completely, do please inform your students well in advance.

This of course is a financial issue between you and your student. We recommend that when your are finalising your agreement with your students inform them about your policies in dealing with such matters. We recommend that you should reschedule the lesson for another convenient time for your student. If we receive any complaints from your students regarding lost lessons we are obliged to look into it and if the management find that it is a regular occurrence, your account may be disabled.