What happens when I send a message to a tutor?

On Wiztut you can contact tutors for Free

When you send message to a tutor, if he or she is online, then you message will turn into a live chat and your tutor will be notified of it immediately. He or she, if not busy, can answer your enquiry via a chat box. Nevertheless whenever the tutor is free to answer your enquiry you will be notified via an email and all of your messages with all tutors will be archived and will be accessible through your Student Panel. Simply loin to your panel and dropdown the chat archive and choose the tutor with who you wish to check messages and/or communicate via Wiztut messaging service.

We strongly suggest that you use our messaging service which is secure and safe. We strongly advice that you should not exchange direct ways of communication with tutors at the beginning. You should not give your telephone number or email address at the early part of selecting a tutor. However once you are certain that you have found your tutor, you may decide to give him or her your direct contact details.