What happens if I am late for my lesson

Ask your tutor if he or she will accept to compensate your lost time

It is your responsibility that you plan your time well so that you can attend your online lesson on time. If you anticipate that you may be late for your lesson or even miss your lesson completely, do please inform your tutor well in advance. Most tutors are able to reschedule your lesson. Some tutors request at least 24 to 48 hours notice. Tutors who are really busy who often do tutoring as their main source of income can, if enough notice is given, give their time to another student and reschedule your lesson by doing a time swap.

This of course is a financial issue between your tutor and yourselves and Wiztut cannot take any responsibilities. We recommend that when your are finalising your agreement with your tutor to ask about their policy in dealing with such matters. If you are not regularly late for your lesson or miss your lesson, then almost all tutors will simply cancel the lesson and book it for another convenient time so that you do not lose out.