What equipment do I need

A strong Internet, a computer with WebCam and sound and the Google Chrome browser

Apart from a reasonably strong internet, you will require a computer or a tablet. Your computer and tablet must have a webcam and sound. You can test your media settings here to find out the settings that suits the Wiztut whiteboard. You should do this test prior to attending your online lesson. For your browser you must use Google Chrome.

We recommend that if you are using a computer, you must at least have a mouse which will act as your pen on the whiteboard. Some student who use a computer also use a graphic tablet and its pen for writing on the whiteboard. iPad and Apple mobiles which use the iOS operating system cannot use the media on the Wiztut whiteboard due to iOS restrictions.

For users with Apple iPad, though will be using more data, we recommend to use Skype or WhatsApp for video and audio communication with their tutor and the Wiztut advanced whiteboard for doing their lessons.