What are the standards of a good blog

Tutors' blogs are their Curriculum Vitae

Wiztut blog editor allows you to create an online page to your own taste with headings and sections of your own choosing. You can include a gallery and also sample videos of your teaching. It is important that in the writing up of your blog you make sure that you use a fluent English with good grammar and largely avoid lists and bullet points. Also make sure that your blog is engaging and contains at least 500 words. We recommend that in your blog you include the following headings with their own subsections. The video bellow shows how you can use the Wiztut blog editor.

1- A brief about yourself that attracts the right student to you. The brief should b energetic, true while mentioning your main teaching field and the levels and age group you will teach. The brief should not exceed 4 lines. This part is the part that will appear in the earliest stages of students who are searching and can affect the choices that students make.
2- The picture for your blog should be a semi-formal, full-face, bright and high quality one with a tender smile. The quality of picture has shown to be one of the most affective part of your blog that encourages students to contact you.
3- Your education qualifications with the dates you have achieved them and the name of the establishments you attended. It will be interesting if aspects of your qualification that you feel are relevant are mentioned separately.
4- Your work history with dates and the names of your employing establishments. Your should mention the experiences which are relevant to your teaching separately.
5- Your hourly fee and possible discounts
6- The tags that include your field of teaching
7- Some personal interests which can make your tutees try to get to know you better. In fact the personal interests section is a section that attracts the attention of many students and makes the students visiting your page to remain on your page for longer which in turn makes your page a more searchable one.
8- Testimonies are also useful, but we at Wiztut will have to make sure that the testimonies you are including are truly from your satisfied clients.