How much do I earn

We recommend that tutors offer a discounted rate if they are beginning their online tuition work

Our tutors decide themselves what their hourly fee will be. Wiztut does not decide your charges and does not apply any limitations. We do not deduct any commission from your fees either. In fact your tutees will make their payments directly to yourselves.

It takes time to fully learn the skill of online teaching and adapting your teaching strategies to online equivalence. We at Wiztut have certain teaching qualities that we wish all of our tutors at the forefront of our business to adhere to. Hence you will have to attend periodic meetings with our admin in order to assess your online teaching skill and rank you accordingly.

Once your blog is approved, we strongly recommend that you begin practicing with the whiteboard. Each whiteboard session which can last 2 hours carries a very low cost on you, but think of those costs as an investment which will bring back an earnings of many folds larger. At the very early stages, you are expected to pass your initial test of online teaching skills and your ability to work with the Wiztut whiteboard. Passing this test will significantly elevate you rank in the search of our students. There are other periodic tests that will also elevate your rank until you reach the gold badge holder.

Depending on your rank and your experience and the quality of your blog and also whether you are responsive to messages you receive from customers and your ability to pass the Wiztut online teaching skill tests, you can have a large enough earning which for many of our tutors is larger than their full time jobs.