How much data will be used

One hour active teaching and learning on Wiztut whiteboard uses about 350MB of data

An hour of active online classroom where tutor and student have audio and video communication uses 350 MB of data. However if the video communication is disconnected and you suffice to only audio communication then one hour of an active online lesson will consume about 150 MB of data.

In our definition an active online lesson is one in which the tutor and student are using the whiteboard tools without any break. Also in the above estimate the amount file uploads onto the whiteboard is anticipated to be about 50 MB. The data that you can upload onto the Wiztut whiteboard can be images and PDF files.

50 MB is a reasonable amount of data and we have come up with this average figure in over 5000 online lessons. Of course if the whole of an one hour lesson is taken up by solely uploading files onto the whiteboard, then you should expect that the amount of your consumed data would be the the same as the total size of the files you had uploaded.

Another issue about your internet to consider is the size of your bandwidth. A 4G internet at maximum level will provide a upload speed of about 4 Mbps (mega bits per second). When you are in a lesson and you have both audio and video communication with your tutor you will require a bandwidth of about 0.5 Mbps.