How do I call my student from the whiteboard?

Wiztut tutors can make video calls directly to their students

Establishing the video and audio communication with the students is the privilege that only tutors have. Students cannot call the tutors. If they are already on the whiteboard, they have to wait until their tutors call them. On the menu of the whiteboard you will come across the selection which has the icon of a small video camera. Once you click on it, the video audio communication box will be opened on the top left of the whiteboard. If your student is already in the class, his or her name will appear in the box with an icon of a chain Lin underneath it. By clicking this icon the audio video connection to that student will be established. When the connection is established, then your student can hear you so you should instruct them to turn on their sound by clicking on the icon of a microphone and turn on their video if they wish by clicking on the icon of a video camera in the communication box.

On the Wiztut whiteboard, to hold a group lessons, you can call each student separately or you can use the auto-call button so that as soon as a student joins the whiteboard will be called. Wiztut whiteboard gives much control to the tutor to make sure that their lesson can continue without any disruption caused by students' interruption.