How can I have a discount?

Ask your tutor if he or she gives a discount

Wiztut tutors and experts are actively encouraged to keep their fees low while maintaining their highest quality of service. So we can confidently claim that if you find the same tutor advertising on another site, their asking rate of hourly charges will be lower on Wiztut. This is becaiuse we do not deduct any commission from the payment yo make to you Wiztut tutors. You make your payment directly to your chosen tutor and expert.

Some tutors offer a discounted rate to those students who purchase batches of lessons. For example a batch of 5 lessons or 10 lessons. Some tutors offer discounts for group lessons. So if you know of other students who wish to share the class, you could ask your tutor for his/her fees of group lessons. The Wiztut whiteboard is purposely designed to facilitate very productive group sessions.

Wiztut tutors have all announced their rates on their blogs, but the fee that you will pay to your tutor is an agreement that make with each tutor separately and hence due to your circumstances you may be able to make a different agreement on the amount and the method of your payments.